Consideration for our neighbours



We want all neighbours and visitors to enjoy the new shops, eateries and public spaces that would be introduced at the South Molton Triangle. We will have a dedicated on-site managerial team, as well as security, gardeners and maintenance staff, following a similar model to that at Eccleston Yards in Belgravia, to ensure that the South Molton Triangle is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.


We are working to reduce the number of servicing and waste collection vehicles that currently use the area, which will improve air quality and the pedestrian experience. Servicing will be consolidated and by electric vehicles only, with activity restricted to between 07:00-12:00 midday. Waste and recycling will be stored inside the buildings until the allocated collection window from the waste store along South Molton Lane, which will also take place within the same time window.
The hotel will be serviced separately from the rest of the South Molton Triangle, with a loading bay on South Molton Lane for deliveries and waste.


We recognise that the construction work will cause disruption. We will do our level best to minimise disruption and help every resident and occupier plan for this.

The anticipated demolition and construction timeline is 3.5 years.


As part of the planning application we will produce a detailed Construction Management Plan that sets our approach to minimising the impact. The detailed Construction Management Plan will be shared once we have submitted the application to Westminster City Council and we will make it available to download from this website. It will include - but is limited to - the following commitments:

Adopt a ‘Considerate Constructor’ approach and practices Adhere to Westminster’s Code of Construction Practice and working within the designated times Give regular updates on planned construction activities and durationsWe will work closely with any neighbouring development sites to ensure close co-ordination Establish a Residents’ Liaison Group prior to construction

Keep the development area and surrounding roads clean and tidy Ensure site access gates and construction vehicle access routes are easily identifiable with clear signage Utilise equipment that monitors noise, vibration and dust to set maximum limits and share results with resident groups Use modern construction techniques and methods (including pre-assembled building solutions) to ensure an efficient programme